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it came upon a midnight clear:

Posted by sailorstakewarning on November 28, 2010

2010 marks the year of my 29th christmas. 29 years of christmas carols, trees, decorating, giving presents, making dinners, eating dinners & generally visiting family & friends. i love the shopping. i love the little *ping!* when you suddenly get an idea for the perfect present for someone. i love making holiday candy & cookies & wrapping it up in pretty paper & being able to give people little presents just because.

my favorite thing these past couple years has been my christmas tree. after just reading diana gabaldon’s blog posting (here) about cutting greens for the family advent wreath, i’m even more excited to get it. i absolutely love the smell of balsam & i’m more than willing to deal with the ever-present rain of pine needles & the various contortions one has to form to water the damn thing, just to be able to plug it in at nighttime & sit near the beautiful lights & twinkling decorations with a good book. smell the bark & the balsam. put some christmas music on in the background.

i drove past a house i’ve been looking at, that is for sale & they’d already put up their christmas tree (likely to make it look homey, it’s not occupied anymore) but it looked so sweet in the window. i love driving around at night & looking at christmas decorations. in fact i think i’m going to go hang some more lights right now.

merry christmas!


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