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Posted by sailorstakewarning on September 19, 2010

signal ridge, mt carrigan nh

(you can see the fire tower to the left of the photo, which is the summit)

signal ridge, mt carrigan – almost to the top!

signal ridge, mt carrigan summit – this is the view from the tower at the top – the view was actually 360 degrees of all mountains

what an awesome feeling to make to the top – i was way out of shape & wheezed all the way up but i wasn’t about to let the mountain win. my legs shook all the way down & my knees are creaky today but all i can think about is what it looked like from beginning of the trail to the summit & wish i could be back up there to see it again. there are days when i am so twitchy for something, anything, that i don’t know what i could possibly do to feel better. yesterday i felt better. it was exactly what i needed, as slow as i was to make it up all the way. (missed the sunrise on the top but i saw it from the ridgeline)


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