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Posted by sailorstakewarning on August 29, 2010

i was so tired this last week. i was thinking a lot, which leads to thinking a whole lot, which leads to severe busy brain syndrome, or Not Sleeping. & while i was thinking thinking thinking like a merry-go-round on speed, i realized that i was rarely home. always at work, or out with friends. which is not awful, but i like being home. i like my apartment, i like being in it & around my books, & random crafty projects that i start & never finish. i like bumming around on the internet, sitting at the picnic table in my backyard. i love being able to start cooking anytime i want (provided of course i don’t need to make the emergency grocery store run because i’m out of eggs & anything i could possible substitute for them.)

in other words, i tried to stay home this week, or do things only for myself. & it was kinda nice. oh, hey! a good feeling, yikes! i took the dog to mackworth island, & still visited with friends but was pretty much home early or didn’t go out at all. & i feel a lot less stressed & a lot more chill. well…as less stressed as i can get anyway, given the circumstances.

so: experiment # 2 is underway – staying home more. if people want to see me, they’re welcome to come to my place. i do clean it occasionally & even have a couch we can sit on, & dishes to eat off.

so far i’m digging it.


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