void of course

the earth will swing us, as she goes

Posted by sailorstakewarning on August 13, 2010

i love fall. i love the feel & smell in the air; i love the bustle that comes with the cooler air as people can move more freely in the lower temperatures after hot summers. i love the colors of the leaves & of the autumn decorations. it is only august, but i plan this weekend on rearranging my apartment & decorating. i have the living room semi-planned out in my head; i need to go to target tonight & scope fall-ish stuff. i think i’m going to rearrange the bedroom too a bit but if i’m going to do that, i’m going to need a new desk for my sewing machine, etc. i don’t want to haul that big ol’ thing around with me any more. i am trying to slowly replace my stuff with furniture that i can bring to a house, should i ever get a house. whatever i get should last me, now. but whatever i get, it’s going to be my colors, my red/orange/browns theme that keeps fall in my mind even through the winter & summer. also owls = ) i loooove owls & birds. i can hardly wait for work to be over already so i can get started! ❤


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