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you recognize that peace of mind does not mean numbness of mind.

Posted by sailorstakewarning on August 11, 2010

i have to be quick because i’m off to work soon; but i was just taking my vitamins (acai, fenugreek, fo-ti & kelp, which invariable gets stuck in my throat – have you ever choked on a seaweed pill? it’s awful, you feel like you’re swishing with the ocean for hours afterward) & it occurred to me that now, at age 29, i have it better than i had previously in all my years (bar a few where i was supremely happy – but those years are gone & while i can remember them fondly they are indeed gone & i can’t make them come back.) i have a nice apartment – albeit, i need to clean it today badly  but it’s still nice, an excellent job, etc etc, i couldn’t even list all the things i am lucky to have. but regardless, the one thing i am happiest of is that i love books & the written word. because of course, that is one of the things that defines me as i am, but also because it means i am constantly learning, always gathering new words, new meanings, new grasps of the english language. with that comes other languages & the roots & origins. once i was at a bookstore & was wandering through the children’s section & overheard a dad tell his small daughter, “ok honey, but you can only pick out ONE book.” this made me soo sad because no matter what monetary state my mother was in (& i’m sure i never knew at the time either) she let us pick any books we wanted. always. we always had more books from book club & the library & book stores than any other kids in the class. when book club got delivered, most kids would have one or two & i’d have a stack. i called my mom & left her a message that say, to say “thanks mom – thanks for always letting us get all the books we wanted because you could have said no, or bought us video games instead or made us go watch tv instead of reading books to us.” & thank you to my dad for reading to us every night when we were little. he has a tape recording somewhere, of him reading to me when i was 1 or 2…

thanks mom & dad. that’s being parents. it made me who i am today & i am glad ❤


One Response to “you recognize that peace of mind does not mean numbness of mind.”

  1. Aunt Vicki said

    Bethany….I was like your mom when it came to books…as a single parent with always limited funds, I never denied my girls their books. They loved the school book clubs 🙂 They both grew up with a love of books & reading and now we are passing it onto Jocelyn ~ she has quite a library started!
    (you have quite a gift for writing…I just love reading your entries) xoxo

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