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Posted by sailorstakewarning on July 10, 2010

not going to lie though, i get the paper for the crossword puzzle, not for the articles. although i do skim them when i’m stuck on a question. obamas to visit MDI huh…well i’m glad they’re coming to maine because it is obviously the center of the universe & if you’ve never been here, you should hurry up & visit. except i’m a little disappointed that they’re going to be so cliche as to come to maine for the bar harbor, & nothing else. we live in an absolutely beautiful state & while i’m not arguing that MDI isn’t completely georgous, (the short time i lived there i was even more so grateful that we live in such a paradise) why don’t they visit other places? why fall for the tourist trap, for the people who have become snobby because they can afford to live on a peninsula that everyone just HAS to see. we have a lot of islands, full of pine trees & rocky shorelines. why does wiscassett or belfast or bethel get such bum reps? why does no one go up to the canadian border to see absolutely beautiful mountains & woods? people come here for our state’s beauty; but i think they rarely get to experience it. i believe the quiet loveliness of where we live gets overlooked a lot.

then again, i will be the first to admit: i dislike the tourism here. i’ll be the first to yell “go home!” to someone driving on the interstate with an out of state plate. in my own defense though, it’s not the people from away invading my home because i want so badly for people to see how underrated the eastern-most state in the US is – it’s the lack of disrespect & the mistreatment of my woods, my rivers, my home. do me a favor will you? when you travel outside of your homeland to see the wonders of america, use a little common sense, a little decorum. here’s a few do’s & don’t that may be good to follow:

DON’T: litter. i don’t visit your state or country & leave trash everywhere. i don’t care if you stay in a hotel or camp in your winnebago. just don’t throw your junk on the ground & expect someone else to pick it up, or worse yet, that it will magically disappear & that when you return again the next year, the place you long to see again (because once you see maine, you will always want to come back again. it gets into your blood whether you’re from away or not); is going to be still in it’s pristine state. (no pun intended) if you did not leave it that way.

DON’T: drive like you can in your own state. here we have traffic rules & laws &with the exception of young one who still feel the need to test the limits, we obey them. please don’t act as though you are being put out when you get a ticket for speeding or pulled over for tailgating or cutting people off & then honking at them or flipping them off like they’re the unjust.

DO: smell the trees. see the forests, the lupines, the lilacs. come to see the leaves turn & smell the smoky air in the fall

DO: come because we’re a state that likes to keep to ourselves, because mainers are essentially our own race of people & we’re one of a kind.

DO: visit here because it’s beautiful, because it’s quiet, because we have a little of everything, even weather-wise. because once you see it you’ll love it.

i love where i live. please love it too & even if you don’t, treat it well.

in other news, it’s pouring out & still hotter than hades & i’m off today. (both work & in my mood lol). people have to got to stop raising my hopes & making me see things that are not there. then again, you think i would have learned to take everything with a grain of salt by now. hear that universe? i love you. but you don’t fool me! 😉

therefore: a horror movie & some take-out chinese food seems in order. happy saturday, make the most of it! ❤


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