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10 more things i bet you didn’t know, or need to: too bad. you already looked!

Posted by sailorstakewarning on June 23, 2010

1. i like rainy days. they’re an excuse to snuggle up on the couch & watch a movie

2. i’m pretty sure the eyelashes on my left eye are shorter than the ones on my right eye. no joke.

3. my favorite colors rotate depending on my mood

4. i rescued a sparrow monday. it had flown into the lobby, confused by the big windows. i had to scoop him up to get him out the door & he just fit in my hand.

5. i’ll eat most vegetables raw, but don’t like a lot of them cooked.

6. broccoli is my favorite vegetable. i’ll eat it pretty much any way

7. i absolutely hate milk. i think it’s disgusting. but i love ice cream & cheese & yogurt.

8. i believe in gemstone therapy, but i also believe that your belief in it makes a lot of difference in regards to its benefits

9. i often like bands when they’re local but if they get big & go mainstream i’ll stop listening to them.

10. it’s pretty unlikely i’ll ever cut my hair again.

***edit as of 12:43 am: i’m happy the way i am. & while there are things i want, i am a package deal. take me as i am or watch me as i go. seeee ya!


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