void of course

the earth will swing us, as she goes

Posted by sailorstakewarning on June 21, 2010

happy summer solstice! it is the beginning of midsummer; the longest day of the year & a time when all of nature is in balance together. it’s like a collective holding of breath. (midsummer is officially marked between now & june 24th.) I have to work a long day today (OT, yippee!) so tonight i’ll light a candle in thanks for the sun. i’m glad it’s still shinin’! Today is a day to make your personal feelings a priority & to know them know. wear your heart on your sleeve; tell someone you love them; hug a friend extra tight. this morning, sun worshippers gathered at stonehenge to give thanks to the sun & call it down to them. someday i plan on seeing that – it’s such a mass gathering of folks who still celebrate the old ways, how could you fail to be swept up in it?

i’m eating valdosta pecans, which are awesome. i actually am able to help people work some of the critical directory stuff today. i scored a couple hours of overtime. i have lemon yogurt, two people told me my hair looked nice & jenn gave me a book to read to my mini muffin. (the spider & the fly). it’s only 11, how much better can the day get? thank you, sun! as far as making my heart known; well, i thought i had made it obvious but clearly obvious to me is not so much to others. well the dang thing’s on my sleeve today. with bells& whistles. are you looking?

breathe, breathe in the air
don’t be afraid to care
leave but don’t leave me
look around & chose your own ground
for long you live & high you fly
& smiles you’ll give & tears you’ll cry
& all you touch & all you see
is all your life will ever be
run, run rabbit run
dig that hole, forget the sun,
& when at last the work is done
don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one
for long you live & high you fly
but only if you ride the tide
& balanced on the biggest wave
you race toward an early grave.


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