void of course

the earth will swing us, as she goes

i dare you to move:

Posted by sailorstakewarning on June 6, 2010

it has been pouring off & on all day – it’s coming down hard right now, & i thought i might have just heard a rumble of thunder, but it hasn’t done it again. i was kind of hoping for a big boomer with huge lightning, etc. something that goes along with my mood day (stormy – not bad though) storms are so awesome, i love the power of nature during huge storms or natural disasters. the BP oil spill does not count here. i’m talking natural disasters, not man-made ones. i love the wind, the huge gusts of rain & the trees whipping around. i went out to dinner for my birthday last night w/jenny & a few other friends; we had a good time at sebago & then got to see the fireworks from the stockhouse. the actual end of the evening didn’t pan out quite like i was hoping for; but i’m used to that now; i guess it shouldn’t have mattered so much. start backing some of that talk up with action, will you? i feel the same way today i did 3-ish years ago only now i’m able to act. also not so much an airhead – seen a few more things, know what i want & it’s not just talk or being taken out all the time; i don’t need much more than someone holding my hand or maybe some nice words every now & then (if you’re feeling ’em)   (oooh i just saw a flash of lightening; maybe i’ll get my storm after all!) i wish i were more forward –  the book regina gave me (omg it is AWESOME too) says: ‘we never lose by loving, we lose by holding back.’ i’m tired of holding back. so i make a move, now it’s your turn. i dare you to move.


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