void of course

the earth will swing us, as she goes

Posted by sailorstakewarning on June 1, 2010

today is drizzly & foggy. a perfect day to lay on the couch & watch movies & cartoons & doze. (i wish i could!) instead i’m at work & it’s really quiet in the office; part of our group is out in the isdn training & the other part is out because yesterday was a holiday. the rest of us are just overtired or hungover or whatever. (i’m just overtired) considering i was in bed by 11, i’m not sure why…i had a hard time sleeping last night i suppose. i woke up a lot & had weird dreams, all of which comes standard – but add it to a rainy day & you have the perfect combination for a cranky bethany who yawns every 5-10 minutes.  i could seriously use a nap.

my birthday’s saturday; i’ll be 29 this year. how weird to think that i’ve been wandering around for almost 30 years – it sounds so old when you put it that way, & yet it’s only 1/3  of my life. 1/3 of my life, i have loved, studied, read amazing books, cried, laughed so hard i couldn’t breathe, learned to drive a standard, learned to try new foods, learned new languages, gotten freckles, gotten sunburned, swam, danced, sang, actually thrown things in anger, tripped & fell, painted, hugged others, held hands. it’s been pretty good, all things considered. (the good always outweighs the bad, but for the almost-30 years i’ve got, i think i’ve had quite a bit of good.)  i’ve never really traveled, but plan to; i don’t need to measure things when i’m baking & i’ve worn dresses & high heels & traded them for jeans & chucks. i’m still too shy & guarded to take someone’s hand even though they make my heart beat a little faster, but my expressions tell all,  so if you think you see something on my face, chances are it’s what i’m feeling in my heart. i always listen to my instincts because they’re always right & i think these things are enough to see me through the other 2/3rds of my life from here on out. i hope it’s a good one.


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