void of course

the earth will swing us, as she goes

it’s not enough, beta

Posted by sailorstakewarning on May 24, 2010

wow, it’s been a while! helloww, journal. i’ve been so busy & then my DSL went down & so help me god, they’d better be fixing it right now (says the customer service tech anyways) so i can get online. i can’t troll allreipes for new things to cook if i can’t get online!! it’s a good thing i know my favorites by heart so i can just make ’em without worrying about how much baking soda, flour, etc i need.

i spent saturday doing overtime (yippe!!) baking & then at michelle’s BBQ; it was awesome. i looove sitting around a fire just hanging with people. it looked originally like i’d have gotten some more of that this summer but then things seemed to have changed. good thing i know lots of people with fire pits ; )  seriously though, i missed just sitting around & having a drink & laughing over the dumbest things. we’re still hooting about laney going to the neighbors & eating their food, thinking she was at michelle’s. got home late saturday & then went to hang out with jenny & her fam sunday. i owe my dog a really long walk one of these days; i tried to chase her around the backyard this morning to give her some exercise, poor thing. it’s too nice to be cooped up inside but i cetainly wouldn’t leave her tied outside all day & i wouldn’t trust the people in the nighborhood. i don’t really believe in doggy daycare either, but she’s pretty good at just hanging in there until i get home & we can get out a little.

i started taking cayenne pepper this weekend after reading a few articles about it assisting in blood circulation; i can’t tell if it it really works, but i haven’t had cold hands since i started it. i can tell you though, do NOT take cayenne pepper on an empty stomach. holy heartburn up the wazoo. & it is BRUTAL

speaking of nice weather, which i was not, it is beautiful outside – i’m going to have such a hard time concentrating today! i want to be in a field! laying down reading on a blanket, or playing at the beach – somewhere under the sky, soaking up the breeze & sunshine. sitting inside is awful hard =/ so to make myself feel better, i’m reciting shakespeare in my head like vera in Amy Tan’s book Saving Fish From Drowning – when they’re hiking in burma & she conjugates french verbs to take her mind of their predicament. je monte la montagne, nous montons la montagne…

why, get you gone: who is’t that hinders you?

a foolish heart, that i leave here behind…no, i will not trust you, i, nor longer stay in your curst company. your hands than mine are quicker for a fray, my legs are longer though, to run away!



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