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the earth will swing us, as she goes

warning – it’s sappy, read at your own risk:

Posted by sailorstakewarning on April 26, 2010

good morning, it’s so classy that i still have last night’s eyeliner on…

we’ve already sent a co-worker out for another round of coffee, thank god. i don’t think a few of us could function properly without another infusion of caffeine & our coffee machine is broken (go figure). if the company wants us to be writing orders the right way, we are just gonna have to have someone go out. usually one of us does during breaks anyways.

musings of the day: this weekend was all about my family & friends. my cousin got married saturday, so my sister, her boyfriend & my niece drove to nh blasting old rock & country. met up w/dad & his side, stayed there til 7:30 or so & then drove straight home again. i was so wiped out i passed out by 10 pm, something that rarely happens, & i slept through the night, also something that rarely happens. yesterday i went to breakfast with jenny, walked the dogggg to the park, watched a movie i can’t remember the name to but liked (what the HELL was that movie?), ate fast food (also something that rarely happens) then went to jenny’s for a bonfirrrreeee (awesome). it was so nice to sit & talk to friends, i’d had so little of that in the last few years – thank you to all my friends who stuck around even when i was unable to see you, to hang with you because of my circumstances. you guys are all i have; i won’t be that kind of person again – disappearing act that i am. i am in a place i don’t recognize now, but i like – i want a house, i want a life & i want it for good. i’m tired of constant instability & drama. i want a farmhouse with a big garden & a front porch. i really want a rocking chair. books. love. a kitchen i can bake in. if you were in my life before & are again & can forgive me for what i was, & still like me for what i am, you are meant to be here & i love you for it. i only ask (even though i have no right to ask anything of anyone) that you understand i can’t always say it to your face. but it doesn’t mean it’s not there.


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