void of course

the earth will swing us, as she goes

a note to a friend:

Posted by sailorstakewarning on April 17, 2010

i’m laying in bed right now, because it’s the only warm  place in the whole damn house. i’ve got a cup of coffee & a couple cookies with me; i’m watching a sappy movie & thinking about what i need to do with my day. mornings like this, where i can just lay here & be nobody, are my favorites. i have no one & nowhere to be & i can just lay & listen to the rain. you know how we talked the other night & i said i was afraid i was seeing something that was not there? i don’t even know what i am seeing anymore, but i just heard a line from the movie – “i dont deserve it because i am an unremarkable person.” it makes me wonder how many of us are about who consider ourselves unremarkable. i know you do; but you’re not. i know i do, but i have no idea if i am or not lol. what i do know is that there are many kind people out there who do nice things for people without even knowing just how much they touch others. & that makes them remarkable. karma exists.so i don’t know why i am worrying about things i can’t control; they’re either happen or they won’t. so i’m giving it up, much like catholics ‘offer up’ their sins to god. i’m going to hand this one to the universe. what will be will be. if ceridwen deems it so, i mean. maybe then i’ll start sleeping again & food will taste good – remember when erin fell in love with john, in college, & the poor thing couldn’t eat for over a week? lol. as much as i want to refuse to now, i still believe in fairy tales. i have seen them happen.

it’s laundry time, for me…but remember you can always call, anytime you need anything.

❤ me


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