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hey pretty, don’t you want to take a ride with me?

Posted by sailorstakewarning on April 12, 2010

YAY! The Map of True Places will be released May4th, & brunonia barry is going on TOUR!! WHEEEEE!

i wouldn’t be able to make most of those dates but come hell or high water, i will be at one of her book signings to meet her. (hopefully the portsmouth, nh one?) it’s unlikely i’d ever get to meet diana gabaldon, as she doesn’t tour anywhere around here (but having a first-edition signed copy of An Echo in the Bone makes it semi-ok) so i want to meet brunonia barry & get my copy of the Map of True Places signed, since the Lace Reader was a book that means so much to me. i just know this one will be the same.

(my mother worries that i identify too much with characters from books & shut real people out; i suppose that that is a hazard of reading that every good bibliophile faces. i identify with them all…Lexy Ransome…Clare Detamble, Towner Whitney…Claire Fraser…all little parts of me. or i am little parts of them? maybe just another verification that all humans share common bounds. or maybe i just need to re-read Sophie’s World?)

at any rate, i’ve been up late for the last week-ish, so tonight will likely involve nothing more than a dog walk & a movie on the couch. it was awfully hard to get out of bed this morning; i got home around 1 am but then i couldn’t sleep because my brain was whirring around like the buzz from cicadas in the summer. long story short, i think too much & too hard & sometimes maybe see things that aren’t there after all? i know my own mind, but no one can know another’s.

don’t think! just do! 

when the wynd blowethe the blossoms, reach oute one to anothere”


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