void of course

the earth will swing us, as she goes

Posted by sailorstakewarning on April 9, 2010

coffee, the morning news, drizzle outside…here’s to waking up slowly.

here’s some interesting historical facts that happened on april 9th:
9th April 1865 : confederate gen. robert e.lee surrendered his army to union gen. ulysses s. grant at appomattox court house in virginia

9th April 1940 : nazi germany invades neutral norway & denmark, surprising the norwegian, danish & british defenders of the countries&  capturing several strategic points along the coast.

9th April 1947 : a severe tornado hit woodward, oklahoma where 200 residential blocks were completely leveled and nearly 1,000 homes were razed. 107 people were killed in woodward & many more were injured.

9th April 1974 : as oil prices continue to rise major debates are continuing in government over the increased use of Nuclear power for electricity production or increasing the number of coal fired plants with opponents on both sides due to safety and environmental concerns the price of a gallon of gas had changed from 40 cents in 1973 to 55 cents in 1974 an increase of 36% in 12 months

my thoughts are with those involved in the mining collapse in west virigina. hopefully we will make history yet again by finding those who are missing today.


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