void of course

the earth will swing us, as she goes

Posted by sailorstakewarning on April 8, 2010

i’ve lost my voice almost completely; i’m not sure whether i have a cold or just really bad allergies. taking medication for both just in case, lol. i even had to ask if i could stay off the acd queue this morning as the last person i spoke to could barely hear me, poor thing.  but, i have made it to lunch, so i suppose i can make it through the rest of the day…it’s weird though, to open your mouth to speak & have nothing come out, when you’re so used to talking =)

this has been an odd week for me. nothing categorically bizarre, just a week of weird stuff at work, deep sleep with REALLY weird dreams, my weird medical malady is back (highe-ho, back to the doctors to hear it’s possible i could explode at any time?!)  & other assorted things i don’t understand & can’t follow. i feel like i’m inside a mark danielewski novel. i am floundering & all i can do is lay back & let it all happen. & i don’t suppose i want my life any other way, really. i just wish i knew the general direction i was headed in. two separate people made the exact same prediction yesterday, as to what my life would be like in two years. i can’t tell if i hope they’re both right or if i hope they’re both wrong so years down the road i can say “HA! you were WRONG!”

I picked up Nefertiti last night; i can already tell this will go the way of the Other Boelyn Girl. Not bad – interesting. Just not as good as expected. but i am only a few chapters in, so we will see…


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