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hoppy bunday

Posted by sailorstakewarning on April 4, 2010

today is easter sunday; i don’t celebrate easter, per se, but do celebrate the idea behind easter. the actual day has very deep roots in pagan mythology. (it’s rare that most holidays don’t, actually.) it is a day of celebration in conjunction with the spring equinox; honoring a germanic goddess named eostre, who was a goddess of fertility…celebrations in her name had died out around 900ish, about the time that an english monk named bede had published the Ecclesiastical History of the English People, in which he mentioned eostre. There’s some speculation that bede made it up; however i am sure that there were celebrations & customs in her name at the time, since all things begin somewhere. what is so wrong with a day of worship beginning in a celebration of love & fertility? it seems as though the thought he made the goddess up would be purely on the church’s part to rid any ideas of pagan beginnings…

on another page – took my dog to dinner today with my family; a combination of her laying out on the deck & running around all day has made the poor thing so stiff (she has bad knees) that she cried laying down on her bed & i had to boost her in & out of the car. it’s breaking my heart; i’m looking for something i can give her to help ease occasional joint pain so we don’t have these problems. she’s barely 3 years old – she deserves to be able to run around whenever she wants without paying for it later.


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