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books books & more books!

Posted by sailorstakewarning on March 30, 2010

my father gets the kim komando show emails everyday & sometimes forwards interesting ones to me. the other day he mentioned a kindle & why buy books when you can download them; i told him a kindle costs around $300, otherwise i’d be considering it. yesterday he forwarded me a kim komando email telling how to download kindle for PC – in other words, the kindle software for the computer so any books you download just get loaded onto your pc. ahn!

super cool – you can download it here; now this came out a few months back so forgive me for being behind the times & all…but i still think it’s cool =)

i’ve got a wishlist going in amazon’s kindle store already; the only thing though, is when i go to purchase a book, my knee-jerk reflex is to wait until i can have the book in my hands. not that i distrust amazon.com or anything like that; it just seems that books are their own beings. they’re solid, something someone composed. something i’ve taken around with me my whole life in cars, on trips, to work, to school. to not be able to just pick up a book & take it with me is something i’m not sure i want to get into. i could of course eventually purchase a real kindle, but it is an expensive electronic device & again, not something i’d feel i could take anywhere. can’t take a kindle into the bathtub. yes, i like to read in the bathtub.

so long story short, i haven’t purchased any books yet & don’t know if i will. but for those of you with fancy cell phones, there is an iphone app, etc. i may still yet start buying books online, we’ll have to see.


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