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“once again, i am on the rocks”

Posted by sailorstakewarning on March 23, 2010

a fun night at a friend’s house – i love to cook but it’s wonderful to have someone else cook for me occasionally!

where i’ve gotten an influx of new books lately, *squeee!* i typically like to read one or two at a time, unless something really grabs my attention. this is what happened with The Lace Reader, by Brunonia Barry; it was in a bag of books my mother stuck in the backseat of my car along with several national geographic magazines, an incredibly gorgeous  scarf & i think, a couple boxes of crackers. clearly i’m easy to please.

i remember that i picked it up on a snowy day, right around the time we had some really cold weather & there wasn’t much to do but lay on the couch with the heat blasting & read.

“my name is towner whitney. no, that’s not exactly true. my real first name is sophya. never believe me. i lie all the time.”

from the first sentence i knew this would be a good one. sometimes it can take a chapter or two to get into the story, but this one sucks you in, & wraps you up tight in its web. this book haunts you long after you put it down. towner’s story of herself, her twin sister lyndley, & the rest of the family she tried to escape is so engaging in a dark & ethereal way, that the reader cannot help but follow them down into their spiral of religion & chaos. brunonia barry does such a wonderful job of creating towner’s sense of distance, without coming across as having no feelings or emotions. the mysteries surrounding the people of the city & towner’s memories are as full of holes as the lace the whitney family reads, & will keep you unsure of the outcome until the end.

this is now a favorite on my shelf & one i’ll go back to, again & again. you can find information on this book at brunonia’s blog – keep an eye out for her new book, the Map of True Places – mine’s already pre-ordered!


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