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good morning, starshine

Posted by sailorstakewarning on March 19, 2010

i haven’t lacked this much sleep since i lived in my college dorm. i assumed tonight would be the night that i could walk dog & then go to bed by 8 & just catch up; but i just got a call from mom that manda’s gone BACK into the hospital & who knows when she’ll go into actual labor. try to hold off til around 2, manda, otherwise i don’t get paid when i leave work, lol. i went downtown w/friends for st paddy’s & didn’t get home until 2 pm; then last night i went out with some other friends & we played skip-bo & talked until 11:30 so i didn’t get to sleep until after midnight. yay friends, boo tiredness! it was the kind of morning i literally had to drag myself out of bed & grope my way to the coffee machine. i’m pretty sure i’d be ok (at least at home) if i lost my sight because i can function fairly well first time in the am with my eyes completely shut.

not much sleep also means i haven’t had any time to read, which is hideous. i picked up Shutter Island (seen the movie already; i hope the book is far more substantial) but have barely had time to read the first chapter. i should likely bring it to work with me, in case i’m called in to the hospital; i think i have the Nature Of Monsters in my car as well. manda asked the other day whether or not i would come to the hospital when she went into labor; i said of course i will, you’re my sister! [also being in the labor & delivery ward means i am just less likely to see projectile vomiting or anything awful like that] i hate hospitals. let’s hope my own medical issues don’t pick up on all the extra estrogen & decide to spaz out while i’m in there.

hopefully, i will have finished a book to review soon, i have no weekend plans (except sleeping) so, dependent on our amazing maine weather, it will either be: coffee & reading on the porch in the sunshine, or coffee & reading wrapped up in blankets on the couch. i’m happy with either.


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