void of course

the earth will swing us, as she goes

póg mo thóin!

Posted by sailorstakewarning on March 17, 2010

ermm….i mean Éire go brách!

in all actuality, while i am not catholic or protestant & certainly not irish, i am fascinated by other culture’s celebrations & their origins. i have been reading about st patrick this morning, in honor of st. paddy’s day; imagine my surprise & excitement to find that in 2003, a group in ohio celebrated their own cersion of the holiday, dubbed “all snakes day,” to help snakes reclaim the day they were driven out of ireland. snakes, of course being “evil”

first – i’m just so enthused that anyone would think to celebrate anything to do with my beloved pets, colby & max; & second, i’m excited becase it was a pagan’s version/celebration of a catholic holiday. considering that st patrick’s master was a druid & pagan himself, i see nothing more fitting. too bad there aren’t any groups around here hosting their own – i could do with a bonfire right now.

so hoist your green beers aloft – to st patrick, to pythons, to sunshine & all things.


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