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happy friday & all that jazz;

Posted by sailorstakewarning on March 12, 2010

it is a gray, chill morning here in maine; but considering it’s mid march & above 30 degrees, i’ll take a little cloud-cover. when i took the dog out, we saw an awful lot of squirrels foraging. probably looking for treaures they buried before the ground froze over. dog tried to prick her ears up when she saw them, but where she’s got rottweiler in her, they just flopped there.  An early shift at work & a busy weekend ahead of me; I don’t expect to get much reading done, but I hope to sneak an hour in here or there.

****possible spoilers***

I finished The Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick last night; I found it to be a quick read but lacking in the emotion I would have expected from the storyline. Don’t get me wrong; the characters are interesting & the plot is original enough. But for all the explanations & descriptions of Catherine’s craving to give up her old life for the new & Ralph’s desires & lonliness, I feel as though I am standing in a room watching the scene play out, but literally with no conections. The revelations of Catherine’s past come too late, & her sister seems thrown in as an afterthought. Does she ever tell Ralph about Alice? Does he already know, as he already knows many things about her? We read of Antonio’s black rage towards his father, but again, his life comes across as distant as the haze he probably feels from the opium he smokes. They all feel deeply, but in such a stand-off way that the reader is held at arm’s legnth the entirety of the book.

All in all, I gave this 2 stars in my goodreads review. It was ok; not something I would pick up again to re-read, but an interesting story, nonetheless. It just came across cold, like the Wisconsin winter it was set in.


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